Akrapovic Ducati Diavel Slip-On Exhaust

Akrapovic Ducati Diavel Slip-On Exhaust


Change the nature of your Diavel by adding more power, improved performance, and the unique Akrapovic sound with this Akrapovic slip-on exhaust. The system is lighter compared to stock, 4lbs (1.8kg) lighter with a 3.2kw power increase at 9400 rpm and 4.0nm torque increase at 4950 rpm.

EPA noise compliant as well as EC type approved. This beautifully crafted silencer with a titanium outer sleeve and carbon fiber end caps and heat shields features exceptional production quality, hi-tech materials, and of course increased engine performance combined with a pure racing sound.

This product is intended for racing vehicle use only, in closed course competition. Operation on public roads is prohibited by law (check local regulations).

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