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Motorex Racing Chain Lube
Motorex Racing Chain Lube Universal Fit Product

Motorex racing chain lube is a fully synthetic formula that protects against chain and sprocket wear. Extreme adhesion for all chains - especially X-ring and O-ring motorcycle chains.

Motorex Strong Chain Lube
Motorex Strong Chain Lube Universal Fit Product

Motorex strong chain lube is a special white, wear-reducing lubricant perfect for all motorcycle chains, especially X-ring and O-ring chains. The best chain lube for street and touring motorcycles.

Motorex High Pressure Grease 3000
Motorex High Pressure Grease 3000 Universal Fit Product

Motorex high pressure grease 3000 is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose grease that is highly resistant to pressure and wont leak at high temperatures. Ideally suited to roller bearing lubrication.

Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser
Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser Universal Fit Product

An extremely effective chain degreaser for all types of motorcycles. Removes oil, grease, dirt and caked-on residue.

Motorex 2000 Spray
Motorex 2000 Spray Universal Fit Product

Motorex 2000 spray penetrates rapidly to protect against corrosion. The water-resistant, colorless, fully synthetic grease lubricant has outstanding adhesion qualities.