Brembo 100mm HP Front Brake Calipers

Brembo 100mm HP Front Brake Calipers

SKU: 220.A168.10

The Brembo HP series of front calipers is capable of providing fantastic performance combined with exceptional reliability. The caliper body, entirely billet, is made up of two mechanically connected pieces and 4 pistons with differentiated diameter, 30 and 34mm, which further increases the braking power and modularity characteristics.

The anodizing surface treatment makes it particularly resistant and able to keep its characteristic racing look unchanged over time. The Brembo logo is embossed and hand painted in classic Brembo Red.

These calipers come as a kit, which includes sintered brake pads which represent the absolute best quality available on the market today. The kit also contains an instruction manual, a set of Brembo stickers and extremely useful heat adhesives used in racing to control caliper operating temperature, which are indicative of the product’s racing nature.

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