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Ducati Arai HV-1 Pro Helmet

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An important addition to the collection: Ducati HV-1 is the first helmet in the Ducati range to incorporate high visibility fluorescent yellow and reflective details. Characterized by its matte finish and color asymmetry, this model was created by Drudi Performance based on the Arai Vector 11 Pro Tour shell. This helmet is equipped with the Pro Shade System that combines a clear visor with an adjustable external sun visor. The Ducati HV-1 model is designed to be matched with the Tour HV technical jacket, suitable for all season use.

Designed after the Arai Vector-II Pro Tour, this helmet features an intermediate oval head shape.

  • Constructed with SFL and ergonomic design to deliver improved comfort.
  • Rear Air Conductor vent and three-way chin air inlet with anti-condensation feature provide superior ventilation.
  • Eco-Pure removable liner
  • DOT and Snell M2010 standards
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