Ducati Arai Logo Helmet

Ducati Arai Logo Helmet

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The Ducati Arai Logo 14 helmet has the aggressive styling and all new technology designed specifically for street riding without sacrificing anything towards styling or performance. Based on Arai's new Defiant model, joins the Ducati line up for 2014 in the wildly popular matt black color scheme. The Ducati Shield logo is applied in a unique dimensional polycarbonate applique with metallic look.

The helmet is supplied with a clear visor. Other visor must be purchased separately.


  • SFL (Super Fiber Laminate): This is the basic Arai outer shell and is therefore sometimes referred to as ‘Standard Fiber’ although it actually is Super fiber. Super fiber provides more comfort than other shell materials, yet is still strong and lightweight.
  • Hyper Ridge is a reinforcement band that circles the bottom of the shell adding strength and lowering the helmet’s center of gravity.
  • Flares out for easier putting on and taking off.


  • Detachable, washable hypoallergenic inner lining.
  • Facial Contour System (FCS): A foam spring support in the cheek pad that compresses and rebounds makes putting the helmet on easier. The cheek pad wraps under the jaw- and cheekbone instead of mostly on the soft cheek area. FCS offers a looser fit with secure support over a larger area providing superior stability and comfort with minimal pressure.
  • Cheek pads with EPS liner Cheek pads are fitted with an EPS liner to improve protection against side impacts, while the special shape allows them to follow the contours of the cheekbone perfectly for added comfort.


  • Wide SAI vision: Next generation MotoGP tested Super AdSis “I” visor is extended by 5 mm at both sides and offers the widest peripheral vision in the business for better performance.
  • Ridges along the upper edge of the shell offer a smooth transition between shield and shell, reducing wind noise and impact in case of an accident.
  • SuperAdSis LRS (Lever Release System): Makes visor changes possible in seconds, without tools or removal of the side pods. Cleaning or replacing the shield is easier than ever. 
  • De-Mist Lock Visor tab pushes forward to open the shield and help to clear any fog that may appear. Holders Covers the visor mechanism, while ensuring maximum shell strength and a smooth dispersal of impact energy without deep recesses in the shell surface.


  • Racing closure with D-ring fastening, with button to secure the strap.
  • FFS (Free Flow System): Creates airflow under the helmet that reduces wind noise and turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot air.
  • Dual Intake Designed for increased airflow en lower noise level, guiding fresh, cool air into the interior.
  • Front duct, rear ducts, side ducts, brow vents, chin vent.
  • One-piece rear exhaust extracts more hot air from the helmets interior and improves aerodynamics. 
  • Side vent exhausts: Produce low pressure behind the rear vent for better hot air extraction. Integrated in the shell for better aerodynamics, reduce wind noise en prevent buffeting at speed. Inside, a small foam dam helps to absorb and diminish excessive noise, without reducing ventilation performance. 
  • Large operating knobs: Large buttons for convenient operation, even with gloves on
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