Ducati Arai Racing Stripe Helmet

Ducati Arai Racing Stripe Helmet

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Built on Arai's flagship Corsair-V shell, the Racing Stripe helmet brings a new look to the Ducati Corse riding apparel collection. Designed by Drudi Performance for aggressive sport riders and racers, this helmet provides the ultimate in comfort and protection at high speeds.

Ducati Racing Stripe Helmet Shell

Penetration tested shell features Hyper Rib ridge lines around the bottom that prevent compressing of the shell. Sleek, aerodynamic Side Exhaust Duct-3 integrated into the shell regulate air stream and prevent buffeting at speed.

Peripherally Belted SNC Shell: a belt laid peripherally on the top of the eye-opening of the shell, increasing its rigidity.

Ducati Racing Stripe Helmet Interior

Both cheek pads and the neck roll can be removed in seconds thanks to the advanced Emergency Release System. Rescue and medical workers can easily remove the newly designed removable neck roll and the cheek pads by just pulling the pad release tabs. This offers extra room within the helmet, making removal of the helmet much easier and minimizing the risk of additional injury.

Ducati Racing Stripe Helmet Features

The Racing Stripe helmet benefits from a wider visor aperture that offers more view through the bends, giving you every time that split-second advantage accelerating out of corners. And especially in racing, every advantage is important. Ridges along the upper edge of the aperture offer a smooth transition between shield and shell, reducing wind noise and impact in case of an accident, because there is less chance that the visor is ripped away from the holders.

Air Wing is easily adjustable (5 different angles) even with gloves on. It reduces drag and turbulence resulting in greater comfort and more stability.

Helmet features an additional air intake between the front and rear intake in the diffuser and large toggles. The Air-In ports help accelerate air out the back, increasing airflow without increasing the size of the holes in the shell. This new diffuser guides more air in and more air out, using aero dynamic design instead of simply making bigger holes or larger, and therefore noisier and less aero dynamic vents. The reshaped Delta Duct 5 air intake increases air flow and lowers noise levels. Thanks to this new ventilation system, interior temperatures are lowered much faster than with previous versions.

Redesigned, integrated high efficiency ventilation system. Air taken from the visor brow vents is directed to the temple area through special inner duct air channels. The multiplier effect of the Side Exhaust Duct 3 and the new NE (‘’Neck Exhaust’’) Nozzle 2 increases the ventilation effect at the lower part of the helmet. Fresh air is redirected from the brow vent air across the temples and to the ears, which radiate much body heat, and is then efficiently exhausted out via the newly designed side cowls.

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