Ducati Corse V2 Helmet by Arai

Ducati Corse V2 Helmet by Arai

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The Ducati Corse V2, based on the Corsair X by Arai. A new design featuring a rounder smoother more elongated shell incorporates a range of different materials of various thicknesses to guarantee maximum comfort,stability and safety. Graphics created by Drudi Performance

  • The SAI shield on the Corsair-V has only a single axis pivot point but the Corsair-X has the new VAS mechanism with a variable axis incorporating a moving pivot point. By combining the pin trajectory, which is based on an imaginary axis, with the two trajectories of the double pivot point slot, the shield opens and closes smoothly even with the much lower shield mount position.A dual-function lever releases both the side cover / pod and shield pin for quick and simple shield removal. Being able to see the shield mechanism allows for easier shield changes.

  • The VAS latch captures and securely holds the shield closed to help prevent unexpected opening. In addition to the de-mist function, the larger latch allows for intuitive and seamless shield operation.

  • The VAS pivot cover is now smaller and lower than the previous design, yielding an average of 24mm more area above the cover. The shell is now smoother along the Snell test line in the temple area, thus increasing the helmet's ability to glance off objects during an impact.

  • Eco-pure liner

    Type 12 diffuser

    PB-SNCĀ² shell

    IC DUCT5 air flow technology

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