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The Ducati service manual collection includes a USB drive containing the workshop manual, owners manual and spare parts catalog for all models in the specified year range. Please note that Ducati no longer offers service manuals on paper or CD for each individual model - this USB collection is the only option now. Works with PC only. Select the year range that your Ducati model fits in to order the correct service manual collection. All service manual collections will need to be activated by a dealer, so please call us once you receive your order and we will take care of that remotely.

Please Note: The 2012-18 Ducati service manual collections are designed first and foremost for dealers and is able to be updated to new versions as released by Ducati via online download. However, the update functionality is not available for retail customers. You will only be able to use this USB service manual collection in offline mode and you will not be able to receive updates. In offline mode you have the same access to manuals, wiring diagrams and the download area, but no other functionality.

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