EVR Ducati Hypermotard 1100 Carbon Airbox


Increasing air box volume by 25% and decreasing weight to just 2.4lbs (1.08kg) including the air filter and velocity stacks, the EVR Ducati Hypermotard oversize carbon air box is the perfect addition for a Hypermotard owner who wants ultimate power, lightweight and pure beauty.

After lengthy testing by EVR this air box came into existence. Specifically designed to optimize filling of the cylinders with air/fuel to create ultimate power. Included are carbon fiber velocity stacks tuned to the new air box design and a high performance air filer.

The quality of this EVR air box is unmatched. Completely constructed of pre-preg carbon fiber and cured under heat and pressure in an industrial autoclave. No modifications are required for instillation.

Usually Ships in 10-14 Days
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