MWR Ducati Monster 2002+ Air Filters

MWR Ducati Monster 2002+ Air Filters

Base SKU: MC-020-99-X

MWR Standard and High Efficiency air filters for the Ducati Monster 2002+. MWR air filters offer excellent performance and the best protection available from an air filter.

The standard MWR air filter is a cut above the competition. Utilizing a special oiled foam that filters and flows air better than paper elements and can be cleaned and re-oiled many times, MWR air filters are the clear winner.

The High Efficiency air filters is unlike any other air filter on the market as all inlets will get the same quantity of air regardless the speed of the motorcycle, wind direction or turbulence from the fairing. Incoming turbulent air is stabilized and accelerated around the edge of the air splitter plate before passing through the filter into the airbox. The net result is a greater volume of air evenly distributed through the airbox increasing power and simplifying tuning since all inlets are getting the same quantity of air. This kit completely replaces the top portion of the OEM airbox.

MWR Air Filters are handmade in the Netherlands of top quality materials. Unlike all other foam filters MWR Air Filters are made entirely from special Fire Resistant (FR) foam and use FR biodegradable filter oil, protecting both the environment and your engine.

All MWR Air Filters are shipped out pre-oiled and ready to install. Filters should be cleaned and re-oiled with MWR filter cleaner and oil once a year to ensure best performance and the longest filter life. Filters can be washed and oiled up to 25 times.

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