Ohlins Ducati Diavel Front Forks


Ohlins has developed a special set of FG R/T 310 forks for the Ducati Diavel. Keeping the outer tubes and bottoms black with the sliders gold to match the mean look of the Diavel. These forks are a perfect match for the Ohlins Ducati Diavel shock

  • Inner steel legs and polished titanium nitride surfaces for minimal friction. 
  • Fully adjustable rebound compression damping and spring preload.
  • All adjustments can be made externally easily.
  • Hydraulic damping system for improved performance and rider comfort.
  • Top-out spring for better hard acceleration out of the corner.
  • Low-friction bushings for stability and smooth operation.
  • All parts can be easily replaced if damaged; completely rebuildable.
  • New spring guide system for less internal friction and less debris in the fork oil.
  • Better wheel control and increased response and feel for rider.
  • No Hydraulic stop which eliminates wheel bounce for quicker acceleration.
  • Kits include all necessary hardware and instructions for installation.
Usually Ships in 3-5 Days
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