Ohlins Ducati Multistrada 1200 SCU

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The new Ohlins Suspension Control Unit (SCU) for the Ducati Multistrada 1200S (2010-12 models only) works in conjunction with the bikes controls on the left handlebar and dashboard, just like the original, but it converts the stock suspension setup into a semi-active suspension setup. With the new SCU you can activate Event Based Control, which is a feature that changes suspension settings while riding. When Event Based Control is enabled the function depends on the engine mode selected in the setup.

  • 100hp, Comfort Mode: Adjusts the damping with vehicle speed to optimize comfort while maintaining enough stability.
  • 150hp low, Touring Mode: Adjusts the damping for best combination of agility and comfort.
  • 150hp high, Sport Mode: Adjusts the damping during acceleration and braking to optimize sport performance.

Installation is easy, just remove the original SCU and plug in the new one underneath the left side of the front seat, start the engine and ride!

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