Dainese Torque RS Out Air Boots

Dainese Torque RS Out Air Boots

Base SKU: 1795163-C52

Technology and aggressive design come together in this perforated racing boot for summer use. Featuring elevated safety achieved by the jointed D-Axial system in TPU that keeps the foot from twisting, the strap on the top of the foot that prevents fractures and the boot from coming off, shock absorption heel, inserts in steel and nylon, heel, front and rear shinguards in TPU. Construction in D-Stone fabric and calf adjustment ensures a perfect fit for every wearer. Differentiated texture sole and TPU inserts in the inner side guarantees good grip during riding.

  • D-Axial jointed anti-ankle twist back system in TPU
  • Nylon toe box
  • TPU rear shinguards
  • TPU heelcounter
  • Nylon midsole
  • Metal inserts on the outer side and heel
  • Shock absorption insert on the heel
  • Boot certified to EN 13634 Standard
  • Lorica® upper
  • D-Stone™ fabric
  • Elasticated bellows
  • Velcro® calf adjuster
  • Closing with zipper at the back
  • Speed lacing system
  • Upper with localized perforation
  • Fixed liner in double jersey mesh airgap fabric
  • Air vent
  • High grip TPU inserts
  • TPU gear shifter guard
  • Non-slip sole with differentiated design
  • Replaceable stainless steel slider
  • Setscrew wrench supplied
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Customer Reviews

Dainese Boots have a problem for street use! by Scotto on 10/3/2014
Loved these boots to death then hit a roadblock, they are design for the upmost safety but if you are tracking only then no problem. Here is the issue the zipper for rear entry is unprotected and if you have a side stand the zipper comes in contact to the rear peg when using the heel to lower the side stand. Since I've replaced the rear sets for Bonamici's that have a more abrasive aluminum peg it will tear the teeth away from the zipper rendering your Dainese boots as garbage and Dainese will not warranty a broken zipper and no shoemaker is able to replace them!