Rizoma Adjustable & Folding Brake & Clutch Lever Set

Rizoma Adjustable & Folding Brake & Clutch Lever Set

Base SKU: LB500

These super fine levers are typical of all Rizoma products in that the detail and level of finish is impeccable. They have to be handled to be truly appreciated. Not to mention that their patented design makes for a truly functional product. Sold as a pair.

Aerodynamic Properties and Grip
A thorough research has proved that at high speed the air pressure force on the lever puts the circuit under pressure rendering it inactive. Having been subject of a long-term studies in a wind tunnel, the lever has been modified several times in order to make it less sensitive to air pressure action, even at a very high speed. This important achievement led the company to patent the original design. The precise ultra thin front lines, as well as the shape, assures a better grip.

Articulated Joint and Adjustment
The levers are created in line with the latest technology: a broad range of adjustments, including movement on the bearings with return springs, makes it possible to improve their functionality, reliability and durability. The articulated joint allows the lever to fold up in case of a fall and thus to avoid its breakage.

The lever is characterized by an ultra light weight thanks to its particular shape with hollow spaces left for this purpose.

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