Rizoma Tapered Handlebar

Rizoma Tapered Handlebar

Base SKU: MA00X

A fundamental component in terms of the synergy between man and machine, handlebars also make a decisive contribution to the overall statement of a motorcycle. Rizoma offers a wide range of handlebars with various positioning options to suite a range of riding styles, all in a vast choice of colors. Choose your color and height below to get the perfect setup for your motorcycle.

The tapered handlebar from Rizoma is perfect for the rider who wants function and style. Handlebar is thicker walled to reduce vibration transfer from the engine, which ensures a more comfortable riding experience. The center is oversized to 29mm to accommodate larger diameter bar clamps with the ends of the bar the standard 22mm. If your original handlebars are not variable section you will need new Rizoma riser/adapters to use these handlebars.

Please note that Rizoma handlebars are not pre-drilled for your OEM controls. You will have to either drill the bar or remove the mounting pins on the controls. A very easy task.

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