SpeedyMoto Ducati Under the Bodywork Frame Sliders

SpeedyMoto Ducati Under the Bodywork Frame Sliders

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SpeedyMoto frame sliders are some of the most popular parts we offer. They give you peace of mind that a simple tip over or low speed crash won't necessarily total your motorcycle. We've received tons of positive feedback regarding the design, quality and function of these sliders! Since these sliders mount under the bodywork they won't protect the bodywork, but rather use the bodywork to help protect the frame, engine, etc... For the ultimate protection checkout the SpeedyMoto through the bodywork frame sliders.

  • No need to cut holes in your expensive bodywork
  • Helps protect the vulnerable components under your bikes bodywork
  • Looks better and retains the clean lines of your Ducati
  • Easier and quicker to install

SpeedyMoto's original under-the-bodywork frame slider system takes advantage of the bodywork, by using it as an integral component in aiding the damage control process. The slider pucks mates with the inner body panel, creating a large reinforced structure that spreads impact force along the body panel. As a result, the dispersed force of impact causes less damage to any one point of the motorcycle.

SpeedyMoto designs and manufacturers exceptional after-market components for Ducati motorcycles, focusing on damage control and ergonomic enhancement. Their parts are designed with discern from the ground up for the track and street. Proudly made in the USA.

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