TechSpec Ducati Panigale Tank Grip Pads

TechSpec Ducati Panigale Tank Grip Pads

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Body and weight control is an essential technique with not only aggressive, performance ridding, but also sport and casual touring. By griping the tank with your legs, one will improve the overall control of your body motion, weight position and posture. With an increase in control, you will experience a smoother, less fatigued, and more enjoyable ride. Pre-cut kit includes right and left tank grips and center tank protector.

  • Increase and maintain accurate control of weight and body position
  • Eliminate sliding up and into the tank, especially with passengers
  • Improve riding style
  • Decrease overall body fatigue
  • Improve weight adjustment of body and bike while in motion
  • Protect a highly abusive area of the tank
  • Provide all the benefits of a grip material without shredding leathers
  • Remove and re-use skins numerous times
  • Customize skins to fit your functional needs and artistic style

Available in two versions

The Snake Skin grip is considered a premier product. Measuring at .125” thin. Squeeze it, grip it, rip it!

The C3 grip material acts more like a pad offering the ultimate in comfort and grip. The .100" thin rubber has a soft gummy feel allowing your knees to sink into the material, almost like memory foam.

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