1982 Ducati TT2 ***SOLD***

1982 Ducati TT2 ***SOLD***


***This bike has been sold.*** This unique 1982 Ducati TT2 was owned by Ducati factory pilot and Italian four-time Grand Prix motorcycle road racing world champion, Walter Villa. Walter had the OEM Marzocchi front forks switched out at the factory for the RGB500 anti-dive front set. The bike is available for purchase from its owner and former Ducati champion Jeff Nash. It is an opportunity to own an incredibly rare, Ducati factory race bike.

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As a racing machine, the Taglioni-designed TT2 was light and athletic, and had a wide powerband. It was a nearly perfect balance of power and weight. The ultra-light chromoly trellis frame weighed only 16 lbs. It was heavily triangulated for strength and very compact. Nimbleness came from a wheelbase was so short that riders of a taller stature found the TT2 somewhat of a challenge to ride effectively – not that anybody complained too much after their first ride on the landmark machine. That the bike was fabulous-looking in its yellow-and-red livery was a bonus.

Originally street-based, the TT2's 81 x 85mm Pantah engine was made over as a pure factory racer. While the compression ratio was a moderate 10:1, larger valves operated by Ducati's desmodromic camshafts provided improved engine breathing. Additional weight-saving features included exposed camshafts, a magnesium primary drive cover and a hydraulically operated clutch. Most of the gears were also drilled for lightness.

More so than any other American motorcycle magazine, Cycle was clued in to Ducatis. In the TT2, the editors correctly foretold a bright sportbike future for Ducati: "More than anything else, the TT2 is fun to ride fast," they wrote. "It's a crime you can't ride this motorcycle on the street – and it would be a crime if you did. There's one hell of a supersport motorcycle here, lurking about a millimeter below the surface of that red paint. What this motorcycle needs is a 750 engine and street equipment."

From 1980 through to 1984, the 600 TT2 was basically unbeatable. In the Italian Championship the "winning aces" were respectively Walter Cussigh and Massimo Broccoli, flanked by Vanes Francini from Forlì, in addition to the success of then up and comer Guido Del Piano.

The TT2 played a significant role in Ducati's racing heritage and authentic examples are rarely available for sale. In addition to being the centerpiece of any serious Ducati collection, TT2s are eligible for vintage motorcycle events worldwide.

TT2 Notable Racers
Tony Rutter (GBR)
Guido Delpiano (ITL)
Amerigo Saltarelli (ITL)
Carlo Perugini (ITL)


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