Ohlins Ducati Streetfighter Rear Shock


Ohlins TTX36 rear shock to fit all Ducati Streetfighter models. We will spring the shock for your weight and riding style prior to shipping. The Ohlins TTX36 features a patented concept with a unique concentric twin tube design, together with a solid main piston, that allows for the gas pressure to always back-up the low-pressure side of the main piston. This design creates positive pressure build up on both compression and rebound stroke. As a result the TTX36 has a more direct damping response, less risk for cavitation and works with lower gas pressure. Compared to a regular piggy back single tube shock absorber that has positive pressure build up only on rebound stroke and relies on compression valve resistance together with gas pressure to avoid cavitation on compression stroke, the TTX36 design is superior.

Also the twin tube design with separate channels connecting the compression valve to the compression side of the main piston and the rebound valve to the rebound side of the main piston, gives the possibility to have completely separated adjusters for compression and rebound damping. The whole system is pressurized by nitrogen gas behind a floating piston to ensure separation of the gas and fluid.

  • 36mm piston
  • Twin tube
  • Gas pressurized with external piggy back reservoir
  • Integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster
  • Compression damping is located on reservoir
  • Rebound damping is located at the base of the shock
Usually Ships in 3-5 Days
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