EVR Ducati CTS Complete Slipper Clutch Kit

EVR Ducati CTS Complete Slipper Clutch Kit


EVR Ducati CTS (control torque system) slipper clutch eliminates rear wheel chatter on corner entry improving stability and ultimately lap times on the track as well as safety on the street. The pressure plate features EVR's vent technology that helps keep the clutch cooler (10%), which increases its lifespan. This slipper clutch require no maintenance and has no parts that wear out regularly such as spider springs! This clutch is suggested for street use since it uses a organic clutch plate set. You will get more mileage from the organic clutch plate set, but the sintered can take more abuse so it is suggested for track use.

  • M20 and M25 mounting kits, which cover all dry clutch Ducati models
  • EVR anodized aluminum spring caps
  • Full set of 48T organic or sintered clutch plates
  • 48T clutch basket
  • Pre-assembled Slipper clutch hub
  • Pressure plate with bearing cap
  • Easy to follow installation instructions

EVR slipper clutches use a patented technology that greatly improves operation and clutch life when compared to other slipper clutches on the market. This slipper clutch typically lasts four times as long as the competition and there is no periodic maintenance required! There are also no spider springs or other wear items that need to be replaced regularly like the majority of other slipper clutches require.

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