Panigale Shell Advance 4T Ultra Service Kit

From the Servicio department of AMS Ducati, comes the Shell Advance service kit. This pre-selected OEM parts kit provides the necessary oil-change components for the Ducati Panigale. Featuring 15W-50 Shell Advance 4T Ultra fully synthetic oil.

  • Ducati Motor Oil Filter Part # 44440312B
  • Ducati Motor Crush Washer Part # 85250541A
  • (2) Ducati Motor O-Ring Part # 88650561A
  • (4) 1Qt Shell Advance 4T Ultra 15W-50

Key features of Shell Advance Ultra

  • Fully synthetic technology – for Shell’s ultimate protection and oil-performance reliability.
  • Excellent shear stability – to dampen vibration and reduce noise.
  • Optimised friction control – for smoother clutch engagement and gear changes.
  • Shell's ultimate lubrication performance – for proven protection against valve train wear.
  • Shell Advance's RCE* Technology – helps your bike perform to its peak potential and respond to your slightest touch.
  • Removal of sludge and engine deposits.
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